Dan Ritchie

Dan ritchie, has a broad background in the fitness industry including training and management in commercial and university/hospital-based fitness, for-profit, not-for-profit and educational facilities. His primary areas of expertise are in personal training for special populations: athletes, pregnancy, blind, stroke recovery, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, alzheimers, etc. He has worked with division I athletes some of whom have been professionally drafted. He has also worked on state funded research on exercise for severe dementia alzheimers type.
He regularly presents at national and regional conferences and has been active on committees for the american college of sports medicine.
Lynn fellow, purdue university 2003-2004

Nsca research grant recipient, 2005-2006

Fall proof instructor certified, from california state, fullerton, 2006-present

2005-2007 student affairs committee, acsm

2005-2007 board member midwest american college of sports medicine

2008 nominated for acsm board of trustees

Enhance fitness master trainer for state of indiana 2007-2010

Regular contributor to the cbs local morning news 2008-current

Pfp trainer of the year 2014

Nominated for small business owner of the year 2012

Has presented at athletic business, acsm, nsca, dcac, ncoa

Johnny Henry

Health and fitness has always been a passion in my life. While growing up, my favorite class was p.E. And I played almost every sport that was offered. After graduating from benton central in 2007, I was certain that I wanted to work in a fitness atmosphere and so I continued my education at the university of indianapolis. Throughout my four years in college, I was a full time student-athlete. While being on the wrestling team, I was also on the student athlete advisory committee which entitled me to make sure the wrestling team completed various tasks (community service, volunteer hours, team bonding with other sports, etc.). Along with this, I was fortunate to intern with special olympics indiana and the ransburg ymca in indianapolis. In between all of these things, I played an important role as a child care counselor at a elementary/middle school all four years. I would say my biggest accomplishment was becoming an academic all-american for wrestling. I graduated the university of indianapolis in 2011 with a major in sports management and a minor in business administration.
Interests: coaching, training, grilling out, camping, being with family and friends, concerts, sports of all sorts

Personal motivation: setting a goal for myself and being able to surpass it!

Greatest part about being a trainer: being able to make a difference in someones life and motivating them to do things they thought they could never do before

What is you definition of exercise?: being active in a way that increases your heart rate

Favorite exercise: the sled push!

Favorite shoe brand: nike

Where can we find you when your not working?: with my friends and family, coaching wrestling at harrison high school, church, buffalo wild wings

Celia Kielbasinski

Throughout my entire life I have always been into sports and athletics. I played softball, volleyball and soccer growing up but, in high school soccer was my sport of choice. During my freshman year I tore my acl in my left knee as soon as I was released to play soccer again from the doctor I tore the acl in my right knee. Although most people would view those injury’s as a set back I viewed them as ambition to work harder and become a stronger and better player as I overcame the injuries. I received my bachelors degree from purdue university in health and fitness. When I originally began my college career I started off in movement and sports science and was focusing on physical therapy because I enjoyed my therapist so much. After meeting with my student advisers and discussing other paths. I found the health and fitness industry more intriguing. I find my career very rewarding and even challenging at times. Everyone’s body and stamina is different and I enjoy figuring out what works for each different individual. Also, I have an unhealthy addiction to coming up with different exercises and various ways to increase the intensity. My passion is fitness and changing the quality of life of others around me. Watching people achieve their fitness goals whether it be weight loss, strength gain, training for a competitive race or rehabbing a previous injury is very fulfilling as a trainer.

Gabbie Hamilton

I graduated salutatorian from mccutcheon high school in 2009 and continued on to college at the university of indianapolis. I started by pursing a degree in exercise science with the plan of continuing on for my doctorate in physical therapy. After my freshman year and quite a bit of job shadowing, I decided physical therapy was not for me. I still continued on with my original major and decided that personal training was the way to go, especially after I had gone through a big weight loss transformation just a few years earlier. I am very passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I am also very passionate about the aging population, which is why I am going back to the university of indianapolis for my masters of gerontology. I hope that I will be able to better understand and provide more assistance to the aging population as they start/continue their fitness journey. On a more personal note, I am married to my high school sweet heart, eric. We were married in november of 2012 and we have a yellow lab puppy named trigger. We love to do things outdoors (like camping, fishing, boating, and horseback riding). We love to spend time with our friends and family and we are very involved with our church in dayton. We are adventure seekers, and are always looking for something new to try!

Sarah Begley

Indiana hoosier born and raised, but boilermaker at heart! Graduated from purdue university in 2006 majoring in health and kinesiology with a minor in organizational leadership and supervision.
Fitness has always been a part of my life starting with sports and now evolving into being healthy and fit to enjoy time with my family and get the most out of life that I can!
I have been happily married to my husband seth for six years and we have a beautiful little girl campbell, who is two.
They are my constant motivation to stay active! Miracles fitness is a true gem in this community and I am so happy to be part of the team.

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