Keep Fit For People With Disabilities

If you’ve got a disability and you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight, you’re not alone. Physical diseases and differences in metabolism can cause weight gain, as can medications that a disabled person may be required to take. The limitations placed on people with disabilities can prevent them from getting the exercise they need to keep fit because they find walking distances painful or they are wheelchair bound. Medicines that cause drowsiness or a lack of energy can also be problematic and affect your ability to participate in strenuous activities or make some of them dangerous to take part in, as can syndromes like myalgic encephalopathy (me) that cause chronic fatigue. There may also be fewer facilities available for disabled people and a lack of access to leisure facilities such as parks or gyms. All of these considerations mean that staying healthy is doubly challenging for a disabled person even if they eat a good diet and as a result, obesity rates in disabled adults are 58% higher than for adults without disabilities. Obesity in disabled people can lead to further disability and health problems that can lessen quality of life or even shorten life. Being overweight or obese can cause osteoarthritis or make it worse in populations that are already at greater risk of bone disease and joint disorders. It can cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular complications. It can increase the chance of diabetes and respiratory disorders.

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